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Generator Rental

When you need power in an emergency, reliable support, or want a cost-effective primary power source, our generators will do the trick.


Whether you’re facing an emergency, need a temporary fix during peak demand or scheduled maintenance, we will provide around-the-clock cooling systems you can count on.

Load Banks

Load banks are used to test electrical power sources. They simulate varying electrical load conditions in a way that can be accurately controlled, measured and recorded.


LND Energy has a full fleet of air compressors from 2HP to 300HP available for immediate rental. All electric and diesel units are self-contained and only need to be connected to your air pipeline.

Energy Storage

Our fully integrated, plug-and-play battery storage solutions provide maximum system efficiency and productivity. Each and every component is optimized to provide optimum system performance, minimize operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Our Job

No one likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but by planning ahead, you can keep things going when floods, fires, storms or power outages present a threat to your operation

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Who we are

The energy transition process affects us all. People, businesses and countries around the world are striving for a better future in the face of great changes. Sustainable energy is in high demand for the future.

As LND Energy, we work 24/7 to help you adapt to this situation.

We create custom-built solutions to meet all electrical, heating and cooling needs using the latest fuels and storage solutions. This is powered by our trademark passion, over 15 years of unrivaled experience and local knowledge.

We know our position as a partner in the energy transition and we are constantly improving our products to provide better solutions for all industries. By considering the future of energy in everything we do, we are committed to achieving net-zero in our operations by 2030 and in all our services by 2050.

We are here to make powerful solutions available to people around the world – whenever and wherever they need it.

Energy Storage

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